Monday, May 4, 2009

Spring? break at the beach!

We went to the coast for the week and stayed in a cabin. Dan worked the whole week and Kaley took a friend with us. The only thing Spring like was it was called spring break. It rained basically the entire week. We had fun in spite of the weather!

Volleyball Weekend!

We had so much fun at our tournament! Kaley forgot her kneepad and her jersey!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Carter looses his first tooth

Carter was so excited to loose his first tooth. He cried but not because it hurt, but because he dropped his breakfast. Then a week later lost his second. He has discovered an easy way to make money.

Parents play and kids relax on New Years!

The kids hung out upstairs and watched a movie while the adults played Rock Band. Happy New Year!

Kaley's Post Christmas Party

Kaley was suposed to have a Christmas party the week before Christmas. The weather of course did not cooperate, so we had it the week after Christmas. We did a white elephant candy gift exchange, played dodgeball and watched a movie projected on the wall of the gym. (We used the school gym again). Dan hooked into the gym sound system and rented some "disco" lights. He used a fog machine and the disco lights to make dodgeball a little more interesting. It was freezing cold but we had a good time. Heather & Dwight even helped out with the chaperoning duties.


We started a tradition a few years ago, that we draw names between siblings to buy a gift for. The kids LOVE it and bug us to death until the day we do it. Nate got Ryan and Ryan got Nate. Kaley got Carter and Carter got Kaley. I love that they try SO hard to find something that they would love, of course in the $20 price limit.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Ice, Ice Baby!

We have had tons of ice over the last two days. Dan was out in the backyard putting our prime rib on the trager to smoke and he heard some cracking. He came in and got us in time to see two huges branches come down. Everything seems to be ok. The one that dan is dragging off is a small one that fell off the side. We are not going near the big ones on the other side.